Project Update: Big & Mini 2.0

Welcome to the first edition of Big & Mini's Project Updates, where we share current progress and future features! Today, we (the Big & Mini team) will share what the near future looks like for Big & Mini and address some of your questions.

Screenshot of Big & Mini 2.0 Match Page

We'll start with the questions. First of all, how is match time determined? And how long should it take to receive my Big or Mini match? The straightforward answer is this: we’ve noticed that we usually have more Minis than Bigs. As a result, while a Big might receive their match within a few days, a Mini might have to wait for weeks. Obviously, this is a pressing issue that detracts from the good we can do. So, what are we doing to help?

To start with, we’re focusing more heavily on Big outreach. In developing Big & Mini Version 2.0, we considered how we can redesign our software to alleviate the imbalance that occurs in this curated 1:1 approach. We also prioritized empowering our community (that’s you!) to play a greater role in helping more Minis (and Bigs) find matches.

In addition, we’re working to make the whole user experience, from sign up to video calls, easier and more accessible for a wide variety of users. From easier navigation to more matching criteria, we’re hoping to make the entire process seamless and encourage more Bigs & Mins to stay active with their matches.

But what does this look like in terms of our website? That’s where Big & Mini 2.0 comes in. With the revamped platform, we hope to achieve the following goals:

1) Reduce the match time delay created by the Big and Mini imbalance

2) Give our Bigs and Minis an avenue to help more people

3) Make the onboarding process more frictionless so that more people can get a match

Screenshot of Big & Mini 2.0 Invite Page

With these goals in mind, here's a quick summary of features you can expect:

1) Ability to add multiple matches

2) Easier to use dashboard and onboarding

3) Abridged training and sign up

4) Mental wellness screening

5) Referral system (inviting friends)

6) Match time estimate

7) Story sharing

8) Help center

9) More personalized matches

10) Automated feedback system

11) More to come...

Our planned release date for Big & Mini Version 2.0 is February 1st at 5pm CST. If you have ideas or features you'd like to see, please let us know via email at or fill out the form here.

Screenshot of Big & Mini 2.0 Explore Page

We hope this post helped you better understand what the present and future looks like for our community. Hopefully, the good we’ll be able to do together through the next generation of Big & Mini will bring you some joy and inspire you to take on your day with an extra skip in your step. We're in this together. Let’s make the world a little brighter, one Big & Mini match at a time.


Allen, Aditi, and Anthony

Co-founders of Big & Mini