"I have a lovely new young friend, and she is a joy in my life." Jo Louise

At the beginning of June, Jo Louise signed up as a Big and met Rhiannon, a Mini, for the first time. Now they consider each other close girlfriends that they always look forward to catching up with. The two talk often about their love for animals and art.

Age and Hometown?

Jo Louise: I am 86 and from Reston, Virginia.
Rhiannon: I am 19-years-old, and I live in Houston, Texas.

Tell us about yourself!

Jo Louise: I am a retired social worker with a passion for animals, especially cats. I have had cats most of my adult life. When there is not a pandemic, I volunteer at the local animal shelter in the cat room and help to get cats adopted.
Rhiannon: I’m a first generation American who can, on request, speak with a smashing English accent. I’m a sophomore pre-med student at the University of Texas. I love to travel, and I enjoy taking photos and drawing pictures of my worldly adventures.

What impact has Big & Mini made for you?

Jo Louise: I have been part of Big & Mini since the beginning of June, and talking to my mini is a high spot in my week. I think this is a wonderful organization, and I am so glad to be part of it.
Rhiannon: I know quarantine can be lonely, so I really enjoy being there for my Big and making her smile. I hope that when I reach the age of a Big, I’ll have the opportunity to find my own Mini!

Are there any significant moments you’d like to share?

Rhiannon: I really love hearing about my Big’s cat, Ceecee, who darts around in the background during our conversations. I also find Jo’s interactions with her young downstairs neighbor, who complains that my Big shouldn’t be up at 11pm, to be very entertaining!

What do you love about your partner?

Jo Louise: I have a lovely new young friend, and she is a joy in my life. She is so smart and wise for her age, and we can chat together as close girlfriends.
Rhiannon: I love that my Big is so caring and compassionate. Before quarantine, she regularly volunteered at a local animal shelter. It makes my day when I open Facebook and see a notification that Jo commented “You are beautiful” on one of the shelter’s posts featuring a disabled cat.

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