"I am so grateful for this amazing program which helps connect many people from around the world and makes them feel happier! :)" Alanis

Lisa and Alanis were paired as a Big and Mini, respectively, about two months ago. Since then, they have been able to share stories of their travels and interests, and they hope to stay in touch for a long time after COVID-19.

Age and Hometown?

Lisa: I am 69 and from The Woodlands, TX.
Alanis: I'm 21 and from Barcelona, Spain, but I am currently living in Boulder, Colorado for the summer.

What impact has Big & Mini made for you?

Lisa: I am a newbie to this program, but I love it. I enjoy speaking to younger people who are the future of our society and planet. It allows me to find hope in the problems my generation has not erased such as environmental impact and social justice. I feel that each generation has the ability to make our country better.
Alanis: I have always loved volunteering in any way possible, and now with the COVID-19 situation, it can be hard for many people regarding loneliness, especially for the elderly population. I love listening to other people's stories and explaining my own experiences, and I am so happy that it can help someone feel better. My grandfather inspired me to volunteer with the elderly as he told me loneliness was one of the worst feelings ever.

Are there any significant moments you’d like to share?

Lisa: Alanis is better at technology than me so she is in charge of taking our selfies. We get along very well and both have an interest in creative design. She is a jewelry maker, and I am a photographer.
Alanis: Lisa has been to several safaris in Africa, and she has told me about them. It has inspired me to do the same someday. Listening to her wonderful experiences fascinates me!

What do you love about your partner?

Lisa: Spain and Barcelona, in particular, are places that I have visited and fallen in love with, so I was excited to be paired up with Alanis. Although she will be returning to Spain in July, I'm sure that we will keep in touch.
Alanis: Lisa is a lovely and funny person. She is so joyful and has many interesting stories to share! I love that she is so adventurous. :)

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