"It is fun to have someone to share the things that are happening to me as we are cocooned in our nests at home. I have been out of the house only 3 or 4 times since this all began and visiting with Naomi really gets me “out” of my house." - Jude

After joining in early May, Jude (Big) and Naomi (Mini) have gained an outlet to the outside world through Big & Mini that they otherwise would not have found. They both have loved getting to bond over their shared cultural backgrounds!

Age and Hometown?

Jude: I'm 76-years-old and from Houston, TX.
Naomi: I am 26, and I live in Seattle, Washington.

Tell us about yourself!

Jude: I am a retired former school teacher who has been recently widowed. I was very much missing the discussions I had had with my husband, so that’s why I signed up. I enjoy reading, gardening, game playing, and water aerobics.
Naomi: I am a PhD student living in Seattle, studying Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research and Policy. In my free time, I love doing puzzles, listening to podcasts, running, hanging out with my family and friends, and walking my dog.

What impact has Big & Mini made for you?

Jude: I love being able to talk to someone of a younger generation who helps me understand some of the actions and ideas of these younger people. Big & Mini has given me a connection to something outside of my house that is not related to family or everyday things.
Naomi: Big & Mini is an opportunity for me to connect with someone who I never would have met before and to learn from her life experiences. I love the friendship that Jude and I have forged, despite our differences and our geographical separation.

Are there any significant moments you’d like to share?

Jude: We both laugh a lot about how my two puppies try to hog in on our meetings, generally because they want their supper.
Naomi: My favorite part of our conversations is when I get to hear about Jude's Lithuanian background. My great-grandma was Lithuanian, so we have some shared cultural heritage! And the types of Jewish foods that my family makes are very similar to the Lithuanian foods that Jude grew up eating (and still makes on occasion!).

What do you love about your partner?

Jude: I love her curly hair! I am so jealous! I also love talking to someone who helps me see things that are happening from a different viewpoint.
Naomi: I love that Jude is so warm and funny. And it turns out we have a ton in common in terms of what we like to do! I love that we can be real with each other about how hard some aspects of this "new normal" are, and that we can offer each other support and distraction during this time.

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